Summer Solstice

Welcome to our website. We thought that today, being the Summer Solstice, and with the bees having worked their longest day, it would be the perfect day to launch

We love bees and we spend many hours with wild bees watching everything they do. We hope to really learn their way of life by observing them as closely as possible in their natural world. Our main aim is to see first hand how important these bees are to the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve, look for patterns and hopefully they will reveal some interesting secrets to us.

Our research project has been self-funded for this first year and as we move into our second year of research we would love support from all who love bees and feel that wildĀ bees have the right to live in wild spaces, in their natural habitats and without the interference from people wanting to “commodotise” them for some personal or commercial gain .

We are bee conservationists and we are passionate about our work. See our ujubee facebook page which is a diary of our work.

The photos we are posting are from today. This floral kingdom is hugely dependent on the wild bees pollinating it. Without wild honey bees, this nature reserve’s natural environment would collapse.


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  1. robin

    hi jenny and karin nice to meet you in the nursery the other day …………just a quick note to connect and hopefully we can do some joint ventures this year


    robin stott

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